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Girl Gives You Her Number—The truth about when to call her revealed

Girl Gives You Her Number—The truth about when to call her revealed

Poster that says The moment when you call someone you've never called before, and when the phone is ringing, your heart beats really fast

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One of the most frequent questions I get is on the whole “how long do I wait to call?” thing. This is a really tricky one, and I’m going to be straight up with you, there are no easy answers. In the end I trust you to take a look at my ideas here and pick the one that will work best for you.


You have to play it by ear. You and I know that each girl is different, and they require a different strategy.

So, I’m going to give you a few different ways to answer this question, depending on the girl you’re seducing.

The one thing I would recommend you don’t do, as usual, is to listen to the advice of these so called ‘experts’ out there. Some of them understand the principles, but don’t see how to apply them. Some of them have been in limited situations with only a few different kinds of women. That’s really, really dangerous for me and you.

It’s like following dieting advice from a fat person, or financial advice from your broke cousin. Not a particularly great idea.

The thing is, the amount of time you wait before you call her after she’s given you her number depends on the situation. To say that you should wait 3 days, which I used to do because that’s what everyone said to do, is just plain stupid.

call me written in lipstick

First of all, if a girl gives you her number, she WANTS you to call her. So, when you’re calling her, you have to understand that you’re making her day. So…

You strike while the iron’s hot. That’s your guideline. You get while the gettin’s good.

As you progress in your skills, you’ll be able to get most women interested in you right away… and the iron will be hot from the start.

So, if you met a girl at the bar or library or fair, and she was into you, then you call her as soon as you have a decent second meeting in mind. That could be to come to your place to watch a movie, the park to throw frisbee, or anything that’s close to a place where you can be alone with her and get physical.

Same thing with the girl at the library or grocery store. If you know she’s into you, then call her and set up a date, preferably that same day or the next.


Now, it gets a little tricky when you’re first learning seduction because you aren’t to the point where you can get her into you in that first meeting yet.

In these cases, you probably want to feel things out with a text or two first. I’ve got a great interview with one of the best in the world at text game, plus a pdf of his best texts that you can get on my sister site.

But, if you’re going to just call straight away, it’s usually best to call her that same day. Nothing long. Just to tell her quick that you were thinking about her, and then get off the phone.

This sends the message that you’re confident and go for what you want, regardless of the ‘rules’.

Sure, you may want to wait a day. But I wouldn’t wait any longer than two.

If you’re a strong confident guy, you go for what you want, you don’t play games, you don’t beat around the bush. You let the world know what you want, and expect the world to conform to your reality. In this case you want her. So let her know she’s wanted and call her.

You just call quick and say, “Hey I’ve got to go in a minute here, going to a show with my friend, but I just wanted you to know that it was great meeting you today, and if it makes sense, it would be nice to see if there’s something here. I’ll give you a call later in the week and let you know what’s up.”

Gauge her reaction here, and play it by ear. She’ll let you know if she wants to take things to a new level.

The most important thing to do is to NOT become a psycho stalker and call her more than once, MAYBE twice in one day with no response. Yes, when a girl gives you her number she wants you to call her, just don’t come off as creepy. 🙂

If you call and she doesn’t answer, you have to leave a message or send her a quick text. If you don’t, it makes you look wimpy.

Just leave her a simple message. “Hey this is JT, give me a call back when you have a chance. Got something you’re going to love!” Or, if you text, something short like “Give me a call quick when you have a couple of minutes.” If you don’t hear back from her that day or the next, give her a call. Again, you’re a man of action, you go for what you want.

note on bathroom mirror that says call me and leave a message

Now, if it’s been a week and you’ve called or texted her more than 2 times with no response, don’t assume it’s over. But don’t hound her either. Make your calls less frequent, maybe once a week where you leave a message. Or, better yet buy my interview and ebook on texting and send her one of the texts in there.

Texting under these circumstances is probably your best bet. It’s less of an effort on your part, so she’ll see it as less of a commitment and you didn’t invest as much either. Texting is a good way to keep yourself on the radar without looking creepy. Coming off as creepy will kill your chances of ever seeing this girl again.

So, here’s the bottom line… if a girl gives you her number, she likes you. If there is attraction, you strike while the iron’s hot and call her that day. If you need to crank the seduction up, you usually call or text the girl that same day because you are a confident guy who wants what he wants with no excuses. Conveying confidence will do more for you than anything else you do in this kind of situation.

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