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How Long Do You Wait To Call When A Girl Gives You Her Number

What do you do when a girl gives you her number?

When a girl gives you her number, the best thing to do is call her right away.

These guys wrote really nice stuff about me and some sound advice for you on when to call a girl. Talk later– JT

We just got back from Sin City and had a chance talk to leading dating expert JT Pierce about how long to wait before calling when a girl gives you her number.

He says that the time it takes you between when you get a girl’s number and when you give her a call depends on the situation. JT says, “There’s no hard and fast rule about when to call a girl anymore. The rule used to be that guys were supposed to wait three days before calling. But if you do that these days, you’re likely to lose her.”

We know that waiting three days makes a girl wonder how interested you really are, and makes us a challenge, someone she has to work for. So, we asked how you could still be a challenge if you called her right away.

JT says, “Well, it’s not a matter of time. You’re thinking in the wrong terms. You want to judge your decision about when to call her on her level of interest and attraction, not necessarily how long it’s been since you’ve seen her. The more attracted to you she is, the sooner you call.”

That seemed to go against everything we’ve ever heard in the PUA community, so we asked him to elaborate.

“I’ve seen guys try to play it cool and wait a few days before calling a girl who they knew was interested in them. The problem is that sometimes the girl just doesn’t care anymore. When you meet a girl and things are going well, you have to keep that going. Who was it? Newton who came up with that inertia thing? It’s easier to keep a ball going than it is to get it moving again.”

“If you wait too long before you call a girl, you’ve lost all your momentum, all your inertia, all your progress moving forward… When that happens you’re stuck having to start from scratch again. There’s no sense in doing that. It’s too much work. You want to keep escalating.”

JT said the best thing to do is call the girl right away, especially if you want to keep things going at the same level they are now.

If a girl is attracted to you, call her that day… strike while the iron is hot.

He said, “Here’s the thing, if the girl is into you, you want to strike while the iron is hot. Especially if you want a real relationship with her. Those emotions we feel when we’re excited by someone are chemicals. They’re just drugs in our system that make us feel all lovey-dovey. If you wait until those drugs are out of her system, she’s no longer feeling as attracted to you.”

We looked at him like he was nuts and he continued, “I know it’s not what people want to hear because it’s not romantic. But, the bottom line is that everything is chemical based, drug based. Our bodies produce certain chemicals that make us feel a certain way. You’ve heard the phrase ‘love is blind’, right? Well, it really is. When we are infatuated with someone, we are literally drugged, we simply can’t think straight.”

“So, getting back to the thing about when to call after a girl gives you her number, and this applies to all parts of a seduction… It’s a hard and fast principle really. When you’ve done what you need to do to get those attraction drugs coursing through her veins, that’s NOT the time to slow things down. That’s when you want to gently push forward and make the call, ask if she’d like to see you again, or see if she is interested in being your girlfriend.”

Some great advice here, and as usual JT Pierce once again has gone deep into a subject to give us more than we expected. “Hahaha, I try” he said.

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