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How to pick up girls–asking for a date and the mystery kiss close

How to pick up girls–some good techniques from JT

Learning how to pick up girls is essential to your success with women

There are a couple things I’d like to go over in this post. I know you want to learn how to pick up girls, and these two pointers will help. The first is some verbiage that I came up with a long time ago for asking a girl on a date. It’s been working like gold for more than 15 years, and hey—if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

I do it like this: “Do you want to make all the girls jealous?” She says, “huh”? Then I explain the date as if I’m doing it anyway (going paragliding, to watch some fights, bowling, bar hopping, whatever). “I’m going to _____ and I want you to come with me and make all the girls jealous. We’d leave here around _____ and go to _____ then _____ and I’d have you home by midnight.”

When she agrees, I say “It’s going to be nice getting together with you. If nothing else, you seem like you’d make a nice friend. See you Wednesday (or whenever you’re meeting her).”

Again, that has worked for so long with so many girls that I just do it automatically at this point.

This method to ask for a date is a great way to pick up girls

The second is what’s known as the Mystery Kiss Close. I’m sure you can find plenty of information online about that one, but I’m sitting on the 7th floor of a nice hotel resort casino overlooking the Las Vegas Strip as I write this, and don’t want to waste time checking. I just want to give you my version, the one that has worked for me hundreds of times on hundreds of girls. Again, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.
Ask: “Would you like to kiss me?”

Girl answers: “Yes” (which is rare) – then I kiss her.

Girl answers: “Maybe” or hesitates – I say “let’s find out” and kiss her.

Girl answers: “No” – smile and laugh and say, “I didn’t say you could, it just looked like you had something on your mind. This puts it back on her, like she wanted me in the first place.

If you're looking for more tips about how to pick up girls, check out the rest of the blog

Those are a couple things you can use the next time you are interested on a date with a girl, or with a girl you have the chance to kiss but don’t know if you can get away with it.

For more information about meeting girls, you can read a bit here. And for some great tips on having natural conversations with attractive girls, check out this one.

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  • Socialkenny

    I was actually busting my head trying to figure out which Mystery you were referring to. Ok, “that” Mystery lol. I’ve known of this kiss close for years and it’s very powerful. The verbal build up to it is the biggest and most crucial part to me.

    • JT

      Hey Kenny,

      What has actually been working much better for my guys is just going in the for the kiss without even asking.

      Anytime you “feel” that electricity, it’s probably there so you just lean in kiss her!

      Takes balls, but women find that confidence attractive too.
      And if she turns away, just roll with it and go for it a bit later!

  • Myrtice

    incredible this How to pick up girls–asking for a date and the mystery kiss definitely cool to read through

    • JT

      Hey Mytrice,

      Glad you like it. Anyone try this on you yet? How did it work out? 🙂

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