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How to pick up girls–style tips you should pay attention to

Style tips to help you pick up girls

Fixing the little things will really help you pick up girls

All dating advice breaks down to one thing–how to pick up girls. One of the key things we can do to increase our success in the how to pick up girls department is to improve our style and appearance. If you’ve been following my advice for any time now, you know that appearance isn’t one of the biggest things that girls focus on when picking sexual or relationship partners. But it sure doesn’t hurt to have all your ducks in a row in those departments.

One thing I’ve found about girls over the last 25 years that I’ve dedicated my life to them is that they notice the little things. I can see a girl every day for a week straight and never even notice that she got her hair cut on day 3. She, on the other hand, will notice immediately if I rearrange the pictures in my living room.

On that same token, she notices the stray hairs in your brow and the fact that your shoes don’t match your pants. She might not care that much about them, but she will notice.

I found a great resource for your style needs, and I wanted to share it with you. It will help you pick up girls, if indirectly.

Check out these videos from Aaron Marino, founder of Alpha M Image Consulting. It’s the best information I’ve found on style to date, and this guy is spot on with just about everything he says.


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