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How to pick up girls–tales from the road

How to pick up girls when traveling–Thailand

Leaning how to pick up girls

A lot of people have been emailing asking about how to pick up girls when traveling.

So, I want to share some of my personal pickup experiences and things I’ve learned in the field through my own trial and error about how to pick up girls.

Anybody that knows me really well knows that I’m a bit on the obsessive side and tend to keep detailed records of a lot of my interactions with girls.

I’ve been doing that for years, and I know it’s been instrumental to my success with women. Being able to go back and analyze a situation from notes you’ve taken is invaluable, and something I would suggest to anyone trying to get better at it.  This may not be a tip directly on how to pick up girls, but it is something that will really help you when you get down to the nitty gritty.

The other day I was going through an old notebook from my first trip to Southeast Asia and found an account of a pickup I made on the bus in an island in northern Thailand. I’ll just copy it verbatim from my notebook here. It will give you some tips on how to pick up women when traveling–I hope you can gain something from it!

“The girl in the seat behind me was from Singapore and she knew a lot about the area. Nice tour guide.  How that happened, I don’t know. And I ended up sitting with her and she gave me a handjob on the train, which was nice. Not a particularly attractive girl, but it had been a while and she was my only option. Anyway, it was fun. She’s around a 6.5, but heavy. Really nice eyes, age 23. Engaged to be married in 8 months, cheated once in her life on an ex who she broke up with a week later. Malasyian/Chinese mix and a Muslim. Hair dresser, but now works customer service for (major retailer). Pretty standard pick up for a relatively unattractive girl.

Picking up girls doesn't have to be hard, but it takes time to get it right

Complimented the girl’s eyes (how beautiful they were) and said she was strong/confident for a young woman. Made her feel important and special, and most of all, I think, needed and lusted.

Two things I learned from this pick up: One, when I asked what was her happiest moment, she said how it was when her fiancé held her tight and told her he loved her. Later when I was moving on her, I asked why she liked what we were doing. She said it was because I was holding her. I was also stroking her face.

When I first made a physical move to pick up the girl, which was the first time I actually touched her, I caressed her fingers under her crossed arms. This was after I told her I liked her nails. I asked, “what do you think?”, expecting her to say yes or no to the whole deal. Instead, she said, “It feels like you’re massaging my fingers.” I said I was and asked if it was okay. She said no. I stopped but picked up the friendly conversation we had going as if no move had been made and shot down. Then I laughed to myself five minutes later during a quiet time. She asked why. I laughed and said, “because of course I’m massaging your fingers, what do you think? I have this incredibly hot woman next to me with the most beautiful eyes. Strong, confident, hot. Of course I’m massaging your fingers.”

She flattered and smiled. Then I paused and said, “the funniest thing is that you’re over there pointing to banana trees and cows and we’re on totally different levels (motion with my hand where she is) and I don’t care about cows anymore. I’m here (hand motion not on the same level) thinking about how much I want to massage your fingers.” Then I touched and held her hand again immediately and got no resistance.

So lesson 2: take a step back or look at the situation from above and put a light-hearted, funny spin on it to release the tension and to get it out in the open. My reaction let her know it was all good between us and I wasn’t rejected or hurt.

Lesson 3, and this is also part of the reason I got Jenny in Pennsylvania, is that I honestly looked at these women and acted like they were the most beautiful, desirable women I’d ever seen. Maybe it’s hard for a woman to resist a man who they are comfortable with and who wants them so much, or thinks they are so desirable. For sure, this girl told me no one had ever told her she was beautiful. Maybe that was the difference. 41-23 = 18 years difference.

This is a direct account of a pickup done in Thailand

And an interesting thing about me is that in 3 days of travel in 4 countries, I spent two pages writing about a chick. Life is good…back to the vacation though–”

You can see here how I break down the interaction and try to see how I can learn from the good and bad things that happened. The lessons I took away have helped me with girls since this one, and I think you can use the same ideas to help you as well.  Just a little insight on how to pick up women 😉

More next time!


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