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How to talk to women

How to talk to women—a bit from JD Fuentes

There are many techniques to learn how to talk to women

This entry is gonna be pretty short, but something happened on a Skype conversation I had with a girl I’ve been seeing a bit lately. Her name is Michelle and she just turned 22. I know, I know…I’m addicted. But I thought it might help if you’re having trouble learning how to talk to women.

Anyhow, what I thought was noteworthy was a technique I’ve been working on lately that I picked up from JD Fuentes in his book “The Sexual Key”. The premise is moving from abstract to specific speech whether learning to talk women, or you already enjoy talking to women.

Learning how to talk to women is crucial to your dating success

Here’s how it went down:

Her: I really like you.

Me: Well thank you. [pause] I like you too. [pause] It’s like when I look at you I feel content.

Her: Yes. Yes, that’s it exactly. How do you always know what I’m thinking?

Women think in abstractions

Okay, that’s it. But here’s the thing. I know that women think in the abstract, and by chance I looked at a page from “The Sexual Key” and on that page was a diagram of abstract to specific. It started out with “freedom” and ended with “a blue Corvette”.

So I picked the “freedom” to say that this morning with Michelle just because it was abstract and fresh in my mind. And it produced the results I wanted. I am shocked. Seriously; amazed.

I talk in abstractions to women when I get in the zone, but I had better train myself to do it all the time. Could make life even more interesting.

So…here are some improvements on that exchange from “The Sexual Key”:

Her: I like you.

Me: I like you too. It’s like when you feel truly relaxed, truly comfortable. It’s as if the deepest places inside you begin to come alive in a way that makes you feel renewed, energized, stimulated. And you feel a freedom that makes it easy to allow yourself to truly open up and surrender to your deepest passions.

Hmmm… to be continued! The information Fuentes doles out will definitely help you learn how to talk to women!!

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Get out there and talk to women my friend!


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  • Lenny

    This is rather strange for me. I never talk or think like this. Granted if I buy the book I could send messages of this nature since I have time to think and perpare. But I can’t spontaneously think of this stuff, so talking like this to her in person would not be successful. How can I get myself to start naturally thinking in this way?

    • JT

      Hey Lenny,
      You’re not going to like my answer here, but it is what it is. The truth is that none of us talk this way naturally. It just takes practice with lines that you actually memorize at first. At least that’s the way I started. I’d memorize a sappy line, and just say it when the time was right. I was amazed that women just soaked it up. Then, after a while, the rewards of talking this way occassionally are so big, that your mind just comes up with this stuff on its own. It’s almost like magic. I should also say that when I was learning to talk this way, I read a lot of romance novels written by women. The authors often talk this way and reading romance will help your brain start to think and process this way. And, believe it or not, some of those romance novels are great. I loved Thorn Birds and Jean Auel has interesting books that are worded this way but aren’t strictly romance.
      I hope this helps, my friend.
      Talk soon- JT

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