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How to approach women—overcoming approach anxiety

Learn to attack the things that scare you in life.

Let’s talk a little about approach anxiety and how to approach women. Approach anxiety is a pickup term that’s thrown around a lot, and for our purposes it means seeing someone you want to talk to… but not having the guts to do it.

It also can mean wanting to do something but not doing it—that’s something we do all the time in our daily lives. We rationalize our way out of doing things. Ben Franklin said, and I’m paraphrasing here, that one drawback to humans being rational is that we can rationalize anything, whether it’s good for us or not.

People try to give fancy techniques and strategies for overcoming your approach anxiety, and they’re all pretty much crap. Looking at the root cause of your fear is bull. It doesn’t matter why you’re doing it; if you analyze it all you are doing is analyzing what isn’t working. Forget that.

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How to pick up women—getting out of a slump with women

Picking up women is like anything else in life, there are ups and downs

A lot of times in my life I’ve found myself getting shot down time after time. I’d like to share with you the things I think are keys to getting out of a slump with women.

So what to do if you find yourself hitting a plateau with women that you’re not happy with?

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How to talk to girls- Is it better to text or call a woman?

Sometimes texting is a better choice

There’s always a big debate over whether to text or call a woman after you get her number.

I usually advise guys to text first, and there are several reasons.

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How to talk to girls—ditching the 10 point system

talking to girls has nothing to do with their number

A lot of guys, the ones in the pickup community in particular, are obsessed with the 10-point system. No, not the method of scoring boxing matches, but the method of measuring a woman’s attractiveness. You know—is she an 8? A 6? 9? Maybe a 7.5? When considering how to talk to girls, you hear talk about this a lot when you listen in on conversations guys have, especially when no women are around.

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How to meet girls and keep them interested in you

When you meet a girl you have to do things right to get a second date

I received a great question from one of the guys in my personal coaching rpgram. His goal is to meet women, and he did so last week but isn’t sure how to get a second date or gauge her interest in him.

I thought the email exchange here would really help you with some of the same questions  and my client was more than happy to share it, so I decided to put it up here. Take what you can from it—if it helps out with anything you’re going through, rock on!

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Understanding women—using female psychology to your advantage

Interviewing women can really help you understand more about women

I’ve been in this game a long time. Sometimes the things I do are second nature to me and I don’t  realize how important they are.

I was talking to a friend the other day about some general female psychology stuff (which, by the way, is the backbone to real “game” with women) and he stopped me dead in my tracks and wanted to know more about a certain thing I always do with my women: interview them. It’s something I do to get a deep psychological understanding of women.

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How to attract women who are out of your league

It IS possible to attract women you consider out of your league

Let’s talk a little bit about something that a lot of guys have questions about: dating out of your league. There’s some great information on this topic by a guy named Mark Manson. I’ve always liked what he has to say, so I wanted to break down some of his ideas on this subject.

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Learn how to attract women by using universal attraction principles.

Attracting women isn't easy, but it's simple!

There are some things that women find attractive in men, no matter what society, culture or country they’re from. There are several of these qualities that have been identified, and in this post I’d like to cover three of them:

1. Being Healthy

2. Being Socially Perceptive

3. Having a Sense of Humor

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Dating older women—things to keep in mind to make it a great experience

dating older women has tons of advantages

Today I’d like to talk a little bit about a subject a lot of people overlook: dating older women. We usually get so focused on landing a hot 22-year old that we forget that her older counterpart is in the market for a good time as well. I’m generally attracted to women in their 20’s exclusively…but I have to admit that I’ve had a lot of great experiences with women a little older as well.

One of the great things about them is that they have a different level of maturity than younger girls. They’re not into playing games, and if they’re attracted to you they’ll let you know it. A lot of times they’ll even make the first move, which usually doesn’t happen with a 20-year old. Well, a sober one anyway! If she likes you, you have a way better chance of taking her home that night…and it takes a lot less work. She’s not concerned about looking like a “slut”, and this works in your favor.

They’re also generally (and hopefully) more sexually experienced, which is a huge plus in the bedroom. They know what they like, and aren’t afraid to guide you in the right direction. This makes things much easier and takes away some of the guesswork that always comes with a new woman. On the flipside, she will also know what YOU like, and be willing to do it. And it will be without some of the nervousness and awkwardness that comes with a younger girl.

Older women can be tons easier to pick up if you know where they’re coming from

For our purposes here, we’re going to consider and older woman to be about 10 years older than you. But if you’re in your 40s or 50s, then we’re talking 35 or older. The same principles for dating older women apply.

These women will generally have had several relationships, many of them in the multi-year category. They’ve also had those relationships go to shit several times and don’t attach the same weight to stupid, piddly things like girls in their 20’s who are relatively inexperienced do. They just don’t sweat the small stuff as much, which makes them more fun to be around. A side benefit of dating older women is that you can actually have a conversation with them, which is kind of nice if you’re looking to actually be friends with the girl you’re seeing.

One thing to keep in mind when dating older women is that they’re not as confident in their looks as they used to be.
Society puts a big premium on youthful beauty, and believe me, the older woman feels that. If you can make her feel attractive, you’re a long way towards reaching your goal. And on the flipside, she’s not as concerned with looks as a younger woman is. She’s been through the trenches, dated the pretty boys, the bad boys, you name it. She realizes that all that doesn’t really matter anymore. This is good for you.

Dating older women can be very rewarding

What you have to do is project an air of confidence and sexuality. You want to come across with a level of maturity that would normally be unexpected in a guy your age. Keep the frat house humor and pranks to yourself, and act like a grown up. It’ll pay dividends. Check out some of my previous posts on confidence to get some good info on the subject.

Another point to think about is the fact that these women are going to be more forward with their own sexuality and confidence as well. She’s not going to waste her time feigning interest or acting disinterested when she really isn’t. Those are young girl games. This girl might kiss you first. Let her!! Don’t try to play like you’re not interested, or some other lame ploy to seem like you’re in control. She is just gonna think you’re scared or too inexperienced to be worth her time.

And if you are inexperienced or scared, just roll with it. This is a golden opportunity for you to gain needed experience and learn some great tricks along the way. Like I said before, an older woman knows what she likes in the bedroom and isn’t afraid to show you how she wants to be sexed. Keep an open mind and learn from it. The next time you hit the sack with a younger girl she’ll be blown away 🙂

Above all else, just have a good time. Most older women aren’t looking for anything serious right off the bat and they don’t usually get as attached by sex as young girls do. You can be completely honest with them, whether you’re looking for a one night thing or even something more. You can set the frame of the experience or the relationship any way you’d like, especially if you’re honest from the beginning. These women know that sometimes sex is just sex, and they’re fine with that.

And if you find that you really do like spending time with her and enjoy her company, there’s no reason not to go further!!

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Three things to keep in mind when learning how to pick up women

Learn the secrets to pick up women

What got me to the level with women that I’ve achieved is a constant love of learning. Reading all I can get my hands on, then going and putting that new found knowledge to the test when learning how to pick up women..

That hasn’t changed at all, and I love seeing what people that I respect in the game have to say and what they’re discovering.

One guy I respect is Mark Manson, the man behind Practical Pickup. I recently came across some information he put together that I wanted to share  it with you.

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